Csaba Király pianist & organist


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ORGAN 1.  Csaba Kiraly: Free improvisation (1) organ 2.  Csaba Kiraly: Free improvisation (2)  organ 3.  Franz Liszt: Prelude and Fugue on the name B-A-C-H organ 4.  J. S. Bach: Triosonata E flat major BWV 525, 1st movement organ 5.  J. S. Bach: Triosonata E flat major BWV 525, 2nd movement organ 6.  J. S: Bach: Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich BWV 605 organ 7.  J. S: Bach: Herzlich tut mich verlangen BWV 727 organ 8.  J. S: Bach: Kommst du nun, Herr Jesu, vom Himmel herunter BWV 650 organ 9.  J. S: Bach: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 645 organ 10. A. Vivaldi - J. S: Bach: Concert in A minor BWV 593, 1st movement organ 11. Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 9, 1st movement (extract) organ 12. Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 9, 2nd movement (extract) organ 13. Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 9, 3rd movement (extract) organ 14. Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 9, 4th movement (extract) organ PIANO 1. Franz Liszt: Consolation piano 2. Franz Liszt: Csardas obstinée piano 2. Franz Liszt: Forgotten Waltz Nr 1 (Valse oubliée 1) piano 3. Franz Liszt: Waldesrauschen (Concert etude D flat major)  piano 4. Franz Liszt: Mephisto Waltz Nr. 4   piano 5. Csaba Kiraly: Wind on the plain - Improvisation  piano 6. Csaba Kiraly: In memory of Rachmaninov - Improvisation  piano 7. Csaba Kiraly: Japanese-like - Improvisation   piano 7. Csaba Kiraly: Blues-like - Improvisation   piano 7. Eszter Horgas - Csaba Kiraly: Improvisation piano, flute 8. Erno Dohnanyi: Variation on a Nursery Song (extract) piano, orchestra
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