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Autumn 2017
Csaba   Király    possesses   unbelievably   fast   learning   abilities   and   manual   skills,   which   border   upon   the   limits   of   what   is   possible.   His   musical   inspirations have   enabled   him   to   easily   overcome   any   difficulties,   and   his   predisposition   towards   rarities   and   specialties   insures   that   he   provides   his   audiences   with   an extraordinary   experience   every   time.      His   more   than   two   decades   of   teaching   experience   as   a   professor,   as   well   as   his   exceptional   talents   as   a   performer -    having    performed    over    piano    and    organ    1300    concerts    have    made    him    both    a    popular    professor    and    an    award    winning    performing    artist.” /László Gombos, musicologist/